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Salesian—Great Start for One’s Life

Hank Delevati

Hank Delevati ’66

In 1961, Hank Delevati was thrilled to be accepted to Salesian High School’s class of 1966.

“I thought just the chance to attend this special school and experience its high academic standards would be an accomplishment in its own right,” he says.

Later in life—after four years at CAL Berkeley, three years at Arizona State and a long career in high tech in Silicon Valley—Hank reflects back and realizes that Salesian provided so much more that helped nourish his future.

Hank says he was challenged by the priests and brothers who taught at Salesian and was stretched by the classes that focused on preparation for the next set of educational choices. He sees that Salesian taught him how to study, focus on learning, do homework and take notes—all skills that so helped both his college and professional careers.

Along with the academic benefits, “Salesian taught me values and judgement that make me and all Salesian graduates’ better citizens, better people, and better parents,” Hank says.

Now retired, Hank fills his time with volunteering, spending time with his grandkids and traveling. Today, he wants to give back to Salesian where he sees he most developed into a man and built a solid foundation for his life. Hank has contributed to a few fundraisers at Salesian over the years, but now wants to help Salesian create an endowment for future students in need. He has added Salesian as a beneficiary to his will and trust.

“I encourage all graduates, as you prepare your will and trust, to also include a gift to Salesian,” Hank says. “Any amount will help—even 5 or 10 percent of one’s estate—and will hardly be noticed by the remaining beneficiaries.”

If you would like to learn how you can include Salesian in your will or trust, please contact JoEllen Baker at (510) 234-4433, Ext. 1413 or

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