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Eda Freggiaro

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“The school was not the end; it was rather the instrumental means for improving the way of life.” St. John Bosco

Born to Italian immigrants Mauricio and Carolina Freggiaro, Eda was a teacher who enjoyed working with children. After 33 years of teaching 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades she retired and continued her work as a volunteer. Eda attended mass at St. Cornelius Church in Richmond and was fond of the sermons prepared and delivered by the visiting Salesian priests and brothers. After learning where the priests and brothers lived and worked, she decided to give a legacy gift to provide ongoing support to their mission.

Beginning with her gift in 2005, Eda established the Eda Freggiaro Scholarship Fund. With her passing in March 2018, Eda Freggiaro made a significant gift to further support Salesian College Preparatory (SCP) students. Today, SCP is proud to honor Eda’s legacy of generosity and service with The Eda Freggiaro Scholarship Fund, which helps deserving students afford a Catholic college preparatory education in the Salesian tradition.

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